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Workplace health and wellbeing is often overlooked. Consequences range from unnecessary stress levels and high absenteeism and staff turnover. This can have a massive financial impact on organisations.

Walsall now offers The Workplace Wellbeing Charter to those companies within the Walsall borough that hit the criteria. The criteria for Walsall are: Low pay, BME, SME, Male manual, Less than 250 employees.


The teams aim is to deliver to the highest standards possible 

A.        Delivery of a Healthy Workplace programme;

B.        Delivery of NHS Health Checks (to those aged 40 -74) in the workplace and in community settings;


The Workplace Wellbeing Charter is an opportunity for employers to demonstrate their commitment to the health and well-being of their workforce. The positive impact that employment can have on health and wellbeing is now well documented. There is also strong evidence to show how having a healthy workforce can reduce sickness absence, lower staff turnover and boost productivity - this is good for employers, workers and the wider economy.

The Wellbeing Charter provides employers with an easy and clear guide on how to make workplaces a supportive and productive environment in which employees can flourish. Employers who volunteer to sign up will find help and support available through their regional Health, Work and Well-being Co-ordinator.

The co-ordinators can provide employers with access to the services and advice they need to meet the charter, and help them to build the healthy workforce that business needs for the future.

Businesses taking part in the scheme are provided with continual support, advice and guidance from a mentor who can be contacted throughout the whole process.

Employers can work to the three key elements of the charter.


Your organisation has a set of health, safety and wellbeing. Policies in place and has addressed each area, providing employees with the tools to help themselves to improve their health and well-being.


Having put the building blocks in place, steps are being taken to actively encourage employees to improve their lifestyle and some basic interventions are in place to identify serious health issues.


Not only is information easily accessible and well publicised, but the leadership of the organisation is fully engaged in well-being and employees have a range of intervention programmes and support mechanisms to help them prevent ill-health, stay in work or return to work as soon as possible.


What we can do:

The workplace team can help identify individuals at risk of poor health through workplace-based Health Checks and lifestyle risk assessment and refer them into preventative services.

  • Improved productivity and performance.
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Fewer injuries, accidents, insurance and compensation claims
  • Improved employee morale and staff retention
  • Improved knowledge of causes of ill health and preventative strategies
  • Enhanced business reputation and corporate responsibility.
  • Encourage and support employer and employee practices that enhance physical and mental health and well-being;
  • Identify individuals who are at  risk of poor health due to lifestyle behaviours through the provision of workplace-based NHS Health Checks and Lifestyle risk assessment;
  • Refer at-risk individuals into appropriate services;
  • Provide workplace-based lifestyle primary prevention services, including smoking cessation and weight management services.
  • Work with employers and other agencies to promote a safe and healthy physical work environment for employees.
  • Specific targeting of employees in Routine and Manual occupations and men in particular.


Lisa Sylvester

Service Lead

Workplace and Community Health Projects Co-Ordinator

Darlaston Health Centre

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