NHS Walsall Community Health staff

Emotional Health & Wellbeing Service

What we do:

  • Provide information and support to the people of Walsall on promoting emotional resilience and ways to protect our wellbeing
  • Provide information of services and sources of self-help with regard to mental health issues where appropriate
  • Deliver advice, training and development to partner organisations (education, housing, business, local authority etc.) on mental health and wellbeing issues
  • Delivery of Adult and Youth Mental Health First Aid courses
  • Delivery of stress management and positive manager behaviour to businesses in Walsall who have signed up to the Healthy Workplace Awards
  • Delivery of bite sized courses around mental health e.g. stress awareness, depression awareness, older peoples mental health etc.
  • We also offer an individualised programme of emotional health and wellbeing support, using CBT approaches and guided self-help priniciples to enable individuals to develop effective strategies that protect their wellbeing

Service Lead:

Anne Pledger

Emotional Health & Wellbeing Manager

Lifestyle Services

Darlaston Health Centre

Pinfold Street


WS10 8SY


0121 568 4358

How to access the service:

Referrals are taken via Lifestyle Link on: 01922 444 044 or you can email emotionalhealth@walsallhealthcare.nhs.uk 

For more information on ways to protect your emotional wellbeing, please click here