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Karen's Success Story!

Client Success Story - Karen

"I am a 39 year old woman who was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid in 2005. I had struggled with my weight and tried many diets before and since my diagnosis but the weight always came back (if I managed to lose any at all). By 2013, I had given up dieting, blamed my weight on my thyroid and resigned myself to always being 'the fat, funny one'.

It was during a routine thyroid health review that my doctor made me aware of the NHS referral scheme…

I called the number that day and made an appointment with Alison Yates for a few days later. I was very apprehensive and felt that I was setting myself up to be judged all over again, but I couldn't have been more wrong. Alison was kind, understanding, empathetic and non-judgmental. She listened to all of my concerns and put my mind at rest…Alison was everything a health trainer should be.

I felt better but I still wasn't convinced that Weight Watchers would work for me as I'd tried the old system in the past with little success. I thought that I had nothing to lose financially by going now that I had my free vouchers so I started attending the meetings. I can't express how much better I'm feeling after 22 weeks and a loss so far of 32 pounds. I had given all of my old size 14 clothes away to charity this year after resigning myself to never getting back in them again, but I'm now a comfortable 14 again and have given away all of my old 18/20 clothes.

Alison was a great source of support for me and gave me much encouragement throughout my weight loss and I'm very grateful to her for helping me to feel that I could do this…

I am now a helper at my local Weight Watchers meeting in Lichfield and am continuing to lose weight in a healthy, sustainable way. I'm hoping to have reached a healthy BMI next year and I hope to use my nutrition qualification (gained years ago but I hadn't felt confident enough then to advise others on healthy lifestyles at a size 18/20) in the future now that I have been on my weight loss journey and am heading to a healthy BMI success!"
Mrs Karen Nagle

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